creative coder & new medi artist

王新仁 (a.k.a. Aluan Wang), an internationally recognized pioneer in Taiwan’s audiovisual art field.

Born in Taichung, Taiwan in 1982, Aluan Wang is a distinguished artist and creative coder with a rich history in digital and generative artistry. His artistic voyage commenced in high school. Despite his family’s reservations, he boldly relocated to Taipei to pursue his passion for art, culminating in formal instruction at a reputable fine arts vocational school. His venture into the professional realm began at the “天工開物” Interactive Design Company, where he adorned the role of an art designer and contributed to the birth of several grand installation artworks. With the passage of time, Aluan Wang honed a unique digital art style and embarked on the limitless journey of generative art exploration.

His vast collection of works epitomizes his quest in generative art, wielding algorithms and interactive design to sculpt a vibrant, ever-evolving artistic milieu. Through digital wizardry and interactive design, his creations manifest the essence of chaos and unpredictability, offering audiences an intuitive glimpse into the disjointed nature of time and space. In recent times, Aluan Wang has transcended boundaries with his NFT artworks, gracing the esteemed global stage of Art Blocks, the paramount generative art auction platform, marking him as the pioneer Taiwanese creator on this platform, and the inaugural Taiwanese to unveil long-form pieces on Now a revered figure in the NFT art sphere residing in Taipei, Aluan Wang’s creations have not only garnered market acclaim but have also magnified Taiwan’s digital artistry on the global canvas.