Chaos Memory

The cause comes before the effect. That’s just the way we saw the time.

“Chaos Memory” unfolds the progression and refinement of the chaos series, embracing the essence of “Chaos Research” while venturing into fresh experimental avenues with the Perlin Noise algorithm. In this endeavor, I not only melded the unique textures of “Chaos Research” but also deliberately sampled the watercolor works of William Turner. His renderings of the atmosphere, oceans, and mists were transmuted by me into a bitmap format, infusing the artwork with an undistorted texture while elevating the dynamism of brush strokes and the finesse of particle movements.

“Chaos Memory” probes the distorting essence of memory. Memory, being a flexible and ever-changing process, can either embellish reality or blur it. I utilized “Chaos Research” as the springboard for this piece, yet their destinations diverge significantly. I shattered the imagery, then reconstituted it upon its original framework, delving into the nexus between distortion and beauty. This endeavor resonates with the Chinese adage “水清則無魚” (clear waters harbor no fish), elucidating a paradox of beauty—that imperfections within the artwork render a unique, near-perfect aesthetic appeal. Each shattered scene and reconstituted texture symbolizes a fragment of memory, bearing individual meaning, yet discovering new expressions within the collective. With “Chaos Memory”, I’ve not only broadened the exploration of generative art but also gained a profound comprehension and expression of the intertwining relations among memory, distortion, and beauty.

Project #11068300/300
Published on April 16, 2022 at 21:11