Chaos Research

In the artwork named “Chaos Research,” I discovered a fresh dimension of self-expression. With the moniker “Aluan,” I ventured to explore all potential beginnings through the algorithmic “Chaos.” The fxhash on the Tezos platform provided an excellent arena for long-form genart, opening the door to an endless exploration of generative art.
For this creation, I selected the perlin noise algorithm as my artistic canvas, delineating the genesis of all entities in an Oriental ambiance through it. Yet, the mathematical functions of perlin noise alone seemed unable to fully grasp the chaotic yet organic beauty I envisioned. Consequently, I opted to transcend the boundaries of pure mathematics, integrating several cherished pieces, enabling random numbers to conjure more lively and organic dynamic shapes based on the tonal contrasts of these textures.
This represents not only the commencement of the CHAOS series but also my maiden voyage into the possibilities of generative art. Each shape birthed by algorithms emerged as a unique node within chaos, interlacing with one another, together crafting a sequence of visual poems rich with Oriental philosophical undertones and natural aesthetic allure.

Project #5101 | 256/256

Published on December 28, 2021 at 06:38