Chaos Culture

“Chaos Culture” is part of the fxhash interactive minting experience at The Ever-Evolving World of Art, Art Basel Hong-Kong, 2022.


“Chaos Culture” heralds the closing chapter of this series. There lies an old Eastern tale, narrating a time before Pangu cleaved the sky from the earth, the world was a dominion of chaos yet to be unveiled, its true visage hidden from all. This enigmatic narrative has held my fascination since my tender years.

These three artworks exhibit a lineage akin to a father-son relationship, metamorphosing from “Chaos Research” to “Chaos Memory”, and then unfurling into Culture, with each piece rejuvenating through the essence carried forward from its predecessor. Since embarking on the voyage of creative coding, I have harbored a deep affection for the notion of recursion. Herein, I delve into my core thoughts through this cyclic relationship, rendering the artworks not merely a reflection of the artist but also a pulling force of repetition.

In the realm of Eastern culture, “混沌” Chaos epitomizes the nascent state of existence. This premise resonates with our ethos in generative art: With the application of varying forces, the realm of possibility is boundless. Fostering chaos amidst order, only to dismantle it later, this recursive cycle mirrors my daily inner dialogues, and perhaps, this entirety is but snippets of a diary.

Through the exploration in these three series of artworks, whether my childhood dreams will unveil all their secrets remains an enigma. However, one undeniable truth persists, the expedition of discovery will carry on.