Paths to the End(NFT version)

In <PATHS TO THE END>, the narrative arc extends from historical and personal reminiscences to the unexplored realms of conclusions. This artwork skillfully melds Google satellite imagery with generative algorithms, presenting a seamless journey from the concrete to the abstract. As the visual narrative unfolds, the scenery gradually transforms, with various landscapes intertwining, the boundaries of terrains becoming blurred and full of possibilities, representing both an ending and a new unfolding.

Paths to the Past (NFT version)

What defines home? Geographical coordinate in space? Residence on the census register or the site where your family members have lived for over ten years? Or perhaps the significance of home really shows itself when you are forced to leave your hometown and get into a dilemma. <PATHS TO THE PAST> is a work discussing memory and home. The creator created a unique visual experience by aerial photography and 3D IVR; under the automatic program calculation, the appearance of the work changes in real time, 3D IVR interlaces in turns and the inherent landscape generates unexpected and flowing new appearances. Together with the field recording and granular synthesis soundscape, a strong sense of unspeakable nostalgia for the hometown is presented.

Paths to the Future (NFT version)

Taiwan’s history is marked by the occupation of various races and nations, tracing back from the 17th century dominion of Spain and Netherlands to the more recent reigns of Japan and the Kuomintang regime of China. Each political tenure has carved out its own rendition of Taiwan. In such a multifaceted narrative, the contour of Taiwan’s borders seems to be in a perpetual flux, resembling an organically morphing island caught in the throes of geopolitical tensions.

Through “Paths to the Future”, the author endeavors to conjure an alternative, albeit surreal yet tangible, envisioning of national borders, leveraging imagery captured by drones and self-orchestrated algorithms.