Throbbing Sonic

Fujui Wang 王福瑞, a distinguished sound artist and curator, has marked a significant footprint in Taiwan’s sound art landscape through his innovative works. Being a vanguard in this field, he has accelerated the momentum of sound art across Asia. This collection emerges from a creative coalition with aluan, wherein Fujui conceived the concept, while Aluan took the helm of programming and blockchain assimilation.

悸動境 Throbbing State
“Throbbing State” metamorphoses the static imagery of “Throbbing” into a 3D Augmented Reality (AR) realm as an NFT artwork. Deriving from visuals modulated by sound, the pixels from the original two-dimensional images morph into spatial lines of diverse lengths, akin to the undulating ripples of sound amidst a sonic jungle. Contrary to the flat artwork, this creation invites one to traverse any spatial locus within, embodying an enduring bond between sound and space. “Throbbing State” unfolds a spatial dimension of sonic visuals, extending an alternative visual resonance to the auditory imagination.

Throbbing Sonic #Pause

Throbbing Sonic #Null
Those empty is actually separated by a piece of the layer, noise is also. All the oscillations can be separated out by noise.

“Null” explores the indelible nature of blockchain, where every action leaves a footprint. Even a destructive act, like burning the artwork, merely relegates the data to an ownerless temporary space. This unique aesthetic of data is at the heart of our project. Through attempting to dismantle the artwork, akin to distorting sound, we birth new entities. These byproducts, organic in their essence, exist alongside us as baffling monsters, carving out a realm where understanding is continually challenged.