After The Cave

In my youthful days working at a museum, I was entranced by the lively lines depicted in indigenous artworks. The philosophy of Paul Klee towards line art, encapsulated in the notion of “taking a line for a walk,” further ignited my inspiration. I harbored the belief that lines are a potent medium to convey emotions.

In a bid to manifest this philosophy through my creations, I harnessed algorithms to craft a medley of engaging lines, reminiscent of a child’s whimsical scribbles. The deployment of algorithms endowed me with the capacity to venture into the realm of line expressiveness, birthing a collection of distinctive and evocative pieces.

Despite the simplicity with which a computer could sketch a flawless circle, my aspiration veered towards fabricating something more captivating and childlike. With the aid of perlin noise and shaders, I meddled with the pristine nature of circles, spawning lines that are both unique and engaging.

Embarking on the endeavor to concoct a series embodying uniform quality yet diverse appearances was labor-intensive, necessitating meticulous adjustments to the randomness birthed by each algorithm. While I had preconceived notions of the outcome, the myriad of color configurations and amalgamations that emerged from the algorithms left me in awe.

The chromatic composition of “After the Cave” is intricate and vibrant. I employed complementary hues, like red juxtaposed with green, to engineer a robust visual impact. I delved into the color schemes of cave drawings and Basquiat’s scribbles, serving as references for my palette choices. Gleaning insights from the annals of art history empowered me to craft a novel and inventive series, rooted in past traditions yet brimming with vitality.

“After the Cave” stands as a dialogue with Plato’s cave allegory, fostering a notion that individuals harbor unique imaginations towards imagery. It invites viewers into a journey of exploring the abstract renditions borne out of algorithms, with a hope to incite a sense of wonder and exhilaration. My endeavor aims at igniting the viewers’ imaginative flames, beckoning them to traverse into the realms of the unseen and unknown.

2023/3/24 Release on foundation | 128 Edition