Bridging Eras

Honoring Taiwan’s paramount artists through the approach of generative art.

In this series of works, a different approach to conversing with the original pieces is created through the machine’s gaze. To enhance the creative possibilities of AI, I divided the original artwork into various proportions, enabling the machine to focus on specific sections, thus broadening the scope for imagination. (This technique is akin to blurring images in img2img). Among the thousands of outputs, I selected the ones that I found most interesting. Kuo –> AI –> ME — P5.js Stylization

Sampling from the works of great creators, I revived the details of their art in new ways, like a conversation that transcends time and space, which I immensely enjoy.

Kuo Hsueh-Hu (Taiwanese: Kueh Suat-ôo, April 10, 1908 – January 23, 2012), originally named Kuo Chin-Huo, was born in Dadaocheng Fanzi Gou (now Datong District, Taipei) during Japanese-ruled Taiwan. He was a Taiwanese painter of the Japanese colonial period and is considered one of the most representative and influential modern Taiwanese artists. He was also a pioneer of Taiwanese gouache painting. Kuo, along with Chen Jin and Lin Yu-Shan, was known as one of the “Three Youngsters of the Tai-Yang Exhibition.” He was also one of the main initiators and founders of the post-war Taiwan Provincial Fine Arts Exhibition.

size:6000 x 6000 px
media:stable diffusion | p5.js | 郭雪湖 滿庭香
size:6000 x 6000 px
media:stable diffusion | p5.js | 郭雪湖 塔山煙雲
size:7000 x 3733 px
media:stable diffusion | p5.js | 郭雪湖 圓山附近